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Issues & Education Concerns

From proper school funding and classroom resources, to the equity and well-being of students and their families, I care about the Polk County School District. That's why I'm running for the district 2 school board seat, for every student, every educator, and every school. Because I care.

School Bus & Children

Carson cares about education funding

It is vital that our schools be fully funded. I want to push our legislators to fully fund Polk county schools at all levels. I believe that this is fundamental to helping our students flourish. Fully funding our schools would allow Polk County to ensure that every classroom has a certified teacher, every student has access to school counselors, social workers, and clinicians, and every educator is paid a fair wage. From our bus drivers, maintenance workers, and nutrition workers, to our educators, paraeducators, and administrators, reasonable wages ensure our educational staff can continue to work in Polk County and provide the amazing services they deliver to our kids every day.


Carson cares about the whole student

Students are not just data points and academic test scores. They need so much more than academics, and our schools can provide a wealth of amazing things when we stop looking at students as numbers. Improving school safety and mental health services, reducing testing, and providing developmentally appropriate curriculum are all things that need to be addressed if we are going to start seeing students as whole people instead of numbers.

Carson cares about our communities

Our Polk County communities are vibrant and energetic. Building partnerships between schools and the communities we serve will help bring prosperity and equity to Polk. Community groups such as service clubs, businesses, and other organizations are essential to building up Polk County Schools.  Partnerships with local colleges for dual enrollment, career academies for high school students, and adult mentors help us invest in the future lives of Polk students. Partnerships with dental offices, eye doctors, food banks, and service organizations help us overcome obstacles in the current lives of our students who need support. Bringing these partnerships into the forefront will help us all move forward.

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